Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fresh Fruit Tart

May 4th is my daughter's birthday.  I decided to make the kind of cake she wanted.  She loves fruit....she I'll make a fruit tart.  It's a good thing her birthday is in Spring, when you can get just about any kind of fruit.

We did this recipe , from Paula Deen, and let me say, it's foolproof.  The tart's crust comes out so rich...more so like a big shortbread cookie than pie crust- is the perfect match with slightly sweet, and very rich, as well as creamy, cheesecake filling.

I actually made one already.  One to taste test before her birthday and one for the Birthday Girl on her big day.  Let's just say we may, or may not, have a problem with our love of sweets and I wanted to be prepared for anything!  Of course, by saying anything, I mean Skyley splitting the whole tart with me.  Which might, or might not, have really happened.  I will never tell.

We don't have a torte dish...I cooked the crust in a pie plate and it turned out just fine.  We didn't do exactly the same fresh fruit that this recipe says.  We altered it a little, according to Skyley's faves and which ones were fresh at the store at that time.

The best part of these tarts was the glaze that tops the fruit.  I can't describe it well enough to help you understand how amazing it was.  The acidity in the sauce took it to a new level.  Thank you, Paula Deen, for sharing this greatness with us.(I'm pretty sure she is reading this.)

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