Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love being your Mom...


Love how your mouth circles into a small yawn. 

I Love that you became my favorite reason to lose sleep, listening to your little sneezes and hiccups and the sounds you make while you sleep.


I love how you often hold my hand.  I love how your tiny fingers fit perfectly in the gap of my fingers.

I love how you motivate me to operate in this world with more patience, compassion and mindfulness.

I love your spirit and the joy you bring to our family.


I love how you make me proud to be your mother.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maybe when you're older ...

Last week, Skyley came up to Kristopher and me and said ...

Skyley - "Look, look ..."
Us - "What, Skyley?"
Skyley - "A doggie ..."
Us - "Oh, do you see the puppy? Isn't he cute?"
Skyley - "I wanna get one!"
Us - "Oh ... okay, maybe for your next birthday."

About ten minutes later ...
Skyley - "A baby ..."
 Us -"Yeah, isn't she cute?"
Skyley - "I wanna get one!"