Friday, March 25, 2011

Loving my little baby

My baby is growing so fast I thought I'd better hurry and get to documenting.

Truly, at 22 months, I stare at our daughter and think she's not a baby now.

Now she's singing and speaking and yelling, screaming and demanding and talking to everything and everyone, and trying her hardest to write her abcs, where did my baby go??

Can I just say that I adore her, and that I love every moment with her?


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  2. She is so so cute!! Thank you for linking up to our blog!!
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  4. Thank you Veronica!!! I'm blushing :D

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    Thanks for linking up for the hop :)

    Adorable baby!

  6. Hi Lauren,

    You're daughter is beautiful! And cherish every moment. My oldest son turns 12 on Friday and I can't believe it! (Meaning, am I really that old that I have a preteen!?)

    I found you because you linked to my blog. :) Thank you!